Founded in 2002, Intrinsic Partners is the premier executive search practice focused on the Technology, Internet and Media Industries.  When Intrinsic was started, the mission was simple: to create an executive search practice that would be recognized not by how many searches were undertaken but rather, a practice that is synonymous with Quality, Integrity and Excellence.

Our strategy is to get involved with a company shortly after it receives venture capital funding. This is the stage at which the management team can have the most significant impact on the success of the company. This approach has led to the development of strategic relationships with some of the leading venture capital firms in the technology industry.

Intrinsic's goal is to focus exclusively on building the best companies for the best investors and to actively limit the number of engagements undertaken at any one time. This unique strategy gives clients a level of service, dedication and attention found nowhere else in the executive search industry as well as a network of industry contacts derived from over 20 years spent interviewing the most successful executives from the most prominent companies in the world of technology.